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Aaron Kessinger

Some call me "kess"

Father to a cute white dog 


I've been editing commercials, music videos, short films, and short docs for the past 10 years, and I've gotten really fast and good at it.


I love editing. I love the process and alchemy of putting the pieces together to make people feel something. I like the feeling I get when the story is REALLY working. I didn't always enjoy editing, but largely because I felt encumbered and unfamiliar with the tools. Now, I'm an Adobe Premiere whiz and a storytelling expert. I also really enjoy collaborating with filmmakers and clients to make something the very best that it can be. 

My focus and passion is on short form and long form doc-style content, but I'm also great at cutting music videos and commercial content.

Let's work together! 


-Telly Award for best Esports doc


-Telly Award for commercial editing


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